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Welcome to our Site - ברוכים הבאים לאתר


  • Thanks for the charming film. You successfully brought out the best in each of us.  The film was humorous, the visitors were fascinated by the movie, and everyone enjoyed it very much

  • We asked Yonatan to produce 8 short films about 8 Holocaust survivors. These were screened at the Yom Hashoah ceremony.  Yonatan knew how to get the best outcome from the available material. The filming and editing were sensitive to the survivors and at the same time suitable for the audience. Above all, Yonatan’s quiet composure affected the entire process despite the process which was characterized by dynamism and last minute changes.

  • (Translated) We would like to thank you for the touching and sensitive film you created for Ayana. Creating the film was a journey of self-discovery for Ayana, and we could not give her a better preparation for the Bat Mitzvah. Many thanks for your understanding, creativity, sensitivity and flexibility throughout the film, this was a great experience for all of us

  • (translated) Dear Yonatan. Thank you so much for the farewell film you made for our handyman on his retirement. The film was both professional and sensitive. You succeeded to bring out our message in the best possible way. Looking forward to working with you again.

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